Medellín: The Artist from the City of Eternal Spring

Medellín is found in the midst of the Andes mountains, in the Valle de Aburrá region in North Colombia. The geographical position and altitude have granted a rare climate that makes it seem as if the city were forever suspended in time. Medellín is, in fact, known as the “City of the Eternal Spring”, for the mild temperature never shifts significantly throughout the year.

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Barrio Pablo Escobar

Medellín is truly a city of rebirth. It has experienced a phenomenal change in the past decades. It has managed to rebuild its image after being victim of Pablo Escobar’s Cartel. Medellín was once known as the most dangerous city in the World. However, today, the city has reclaimed its name and title, and remains an important city to visit when in Colombia.

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Most importantly however, Medellín is also the city that birthed one of the most prominent and influential artists of Latin America.


Fernando Botero Angulo, now 84 years old, was born and raised in the city of Medellín. He is known worldwide for his paintings and sculptures. His style is in fact so distinctive and unique that it has become a movement in itself called Boterismo. Some may be more accustomed than others to all of his works, to his reasonings, his views and inspirations. Botero truly is a name that immediately resonates an image in everyone’s minds. The roundness and fullness, and the voluptuous, strong lines found in his works demand, in the gentlest of ways, attention and thought from the viewer, without ever requesting anything from them. Botero has created a beautiful, unpretentious and controversial vision of the World open for all to see. He holds in his works the Colombian spirit’s freedom of life. Botero is meant for everyone, not only for some.
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