The British Montgomery Duffle Coat: Story of the Field Marshal who made it famous

The British Montgomery Duffle Coat has been a long standing British tradition since the beginning of the 20th century. Although it takes its name from the city of Duffle in Belgium, the coat’s design originated in Britain during the late 1800s by the hand of John Partridge.

Given the sturdy, wool fabric – similar to the duffle fabric from which it takes its name – the Duffle coat was officially commissioned by the British Admiralty for the Royal British Navy troops. The overcoat quickly spread across all military forces of the British Empire. It then finally reached the hands of Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery


Bernard Montgomery – Field Marshal

Bernard Montgomery, also known as Monty, served in the First and Second World War. He also served in India, Egypt and Palestine in the inter-war years. His career in the British Military was one of quick ascent. He was appointed commander of the British Eighth Army, fighting in the Western Desert.
His most notable achievement was that of the Battle of El Alamein. Bernard’s undying force and character broke through the air of exhaustion. He led his troops to victory over the Germans and Italians.

Some History

On the 4th of May 1945, after having captured and established his headquarters in Lüneburg’s Heath, Hamburg, Montgomery received the German’s northern armies surrender. Montgomery’s perseverance and refusal of loss led to the negotiation’s success. During the negotiating process, he famously said:
You must understand three things: Firstly, you must surrender to me unconditionally all the German forces in Holland, Friesen and the Frisian Islands and Helgoland and all other islands in Schleswig-Holstein and in Denmark. Secondly, when you have done that, I am prepared to discuss with you the implications of your surrender: how we will dispose of those surrendered troops, how we will occupy the surrendered territory, how we will deal with the civilians and so forth.
And my third point: If you do not agree to Point 1, the surrender, then I will go on with the war and I will be delighted to do so.
Montgomery was often recognised by his troops due to his Duffle coat. Incidentally, it became increasingly popular during and after the Second World War. The duffle coat became a symbol, of Britain’s fight against the most inhumane and horrid of wars. It linked to an image of resilience, strength, and courage.


‘Monty’ The Duffle Coat

Often nicknamed the ‘Monty’, the Duffle coat spread throughout Britain quickly. Initially supplied to the general public following the end of WWII, it became an item worn by all generations and figures alike. The Duffle coat entered its peak as a fashionable and inspiring garment.
The Original Montgomery is the oldest remaining Duffle coat company chosen by the British Admiralty in the early 1890s. It is also one of the few remaining brands to supply Duffle coats made 100% in Britain with British wool and fabrics. We are extremely proud to collaborate with The Original Montgomery. The brand truly preserves the essence of the overcoat that became a symbol of resilience.
The Montgomery duffle coats are available for both men and women, in the famous long style and its shorter version. Discover and shop our ‘Montys’:
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