El Libertador – the victory of perseverance

July is slowly coming to an end, and the summer heat is now settling comfortably throughout most of the World. Although seen by many countries as a month meant for holidays and relaxing, July has been in history a month of great feats and victories. There are a variety of national holidays spread throughout the world during this month, many of which celebrate the pursuit of freedom and the struggles of liberation. The 24th of July marks a special day, intrinsic to the history of Latin America.

In Ecuador and Venezuela, the 24th of July is a holiday celebrated in honour of the birth of Simón Bolívar in 1783, also known as ‘El Libertador’ (the Liberator).
Bolívar was a Venezuelan military leader who played a key role in the long fight for independence from the Spanish Empire by part of Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. The Republic of Bolivia was in fact created after the land’s new found independence from Spain, and was named in honour of ‘El Libertador’, Bolívar.

Simón Bolivár has become a crucial and extraordinary character celebrated throughout the Americas; although at times a controversial figure, he fought the revolution from its very beginning to its very end, never once failing his dreams and visions of freedom and independence. Because of this, Bolivár is undeniably a man without whom the history of the Spanish American Independence would hardly be what it is today.
With all of the terrible atrocities that are taking place throughout the World today, we wanted to find a little time to celebrate, together with these nations, an example of one of the many times perseverance and hope prevailed over despair.
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