Exploring Venezuela – Project Jungle Chick

Venezuela is one of South America’s fiery gems. Rich in animal species and natural oils, it is considered to be one of the mega-diverse countries of the world.

The Venezuelan products we carry are from “Project Jungle CHICk”, a fashion brand that works with Venezuelan artisans and aims to both generate employment and benefit the communities of the craftsmen and women they collaborate with. Project Jungle CHICk also aims to enforce the idea of ethical fashion, and describes itself as a “fashion attitude for a better planet”

Currently, Project Jungle Chick is working with five different groups of artisans they have met during their extensive travels throughout the whole of Venezuela.The group consists of weavers, goldsmiths, the Wayúu and Eńepa indigenous groups, and master artisans of acrylic work. Found in Adícora, Caracas, Guajira Peninsula and Maniapure, each different product or textile holds within nuances of the different Venezuelan provinces.

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