India’s cashmere heart

India is the country closest to Flora’s heart. It is the incredible home to some of the most ancient religions, spiritual beliefs and traditions found across the globe. It is the birthplace of many well known and beloved characters, like Siddhartha and Govinda, Mowgli and Balu. India is like an ancient scale that seamlessly balances depth and lightness, the importance of life as well as the acceptance of its end.

India still holds, tightly in its palms, an outstanding appreciation for its history and its traditions; who it is and what its soul is made of.

C0YXHC Two Indian man on painted elephants during the Annual Jaipur Elephant Festival

India’s Cashmere Heart

In the streets of Jaipur we saw a glimpse of India’s aura. We Discovered India’s Cashmere heart through the countless markets, and in the homes of those who, generously and enthusiastically, allowed us in their daily lives. In Jaipur, they showed us both the true patience and ability of the Yogi masters. We saw the perseverance and resolve of the Yogi students. In India we were always shown and told; not once were we taught and informed.


Flora’s Indian Pashmina

We were lucky enough to witness first hand the making of the famous “pashminas”. In the busy streets of Jaipur, amongst the many markets and drowned by the city’s frantic voice, we heard whispered stories of fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers, and their fathers and their mothers before them, all whom practiced the same type of art. We were told of an unbreakable chain of generations that was knit and sown together by the knowledge of this one, traditional craft. For us at Flora, the Indian Pashmina isn’t just a warm scarf famous for its softness. It isn’t just the product that planted a young heart’s dream.  The Pashmina is the warm embrace of a country that greeted us like an old friend does a new. It is the beautifully blossomed tea flower that awaits patiently for a thirsty passer by.

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