Inside Morocco

Morocco’s patterns are as vast and intricate as its history. From the incredible ceramic vessels to the beautiful embroidered horse covers, everything about the moroccan craft inspires impeccable technique and phenomenal attention to detail. Moroccan architecture and crafts reveal century long traditions and aesthetics, and mimic each others patterns and forms into their own structures and designs.
The most identifiable items of Moroccan clothing found across the world are the Kaftans and slippers, also known as babouche. Traditionally, the Kaftans were made of beautifully draped cloth decorated with ornaments, and featured full length sleeves and height. Nowadays, kaftans can be found in a variety of different forms, fabrics and length, and are worn worldwide for all sorts of occasions.

The Babouche, soft leather sandals, are an extremely traditional and influential Moroccan sandal that can also be seen in various forms in all sorts of scenarios, including a multitude of international designer’s collections. The moroccan loafers we have available here on Flora are a more modern take on the classical sandal; instead of leather they are composed of suede and calf hair, and instead of an open back sandal they are closed-heeled loafers. The artisan with whom we are working with incorporated the traditional Moroccan techniques into the making of our Flora Moroccan loafers, creating a shoe that links classic to contemporary.