A Little Piece of Spain

Spain is known for it’s ease and character. During The summer months The Spanish coasts and isles are where the locals and tourists alike come to be. The beginning of summer is tranquil; the beaches are filled with locals, families relax after a week of work, couples sunbathe in silence, and the lone person walks their dog or basks in the peaceful bliss. The voices are hushed, accompanied only by the calm waves that come and go, the lullaby of the sea.
July comes and the summer finds its midday; the quiet beach awakens as the footprints grow in numbers, the lullaby fades into the background and the voices rise in an unsynchronised choir. The first half of August is the summer in bloom, where the crescendo of life and music and sun rises so much it seems to explode.


And when the final weeks arrive and September appears on the horizon, mixed in with the sailboats that float the sea, the footsteps fade and the music lowers, and the never-ending lullaby of the sea finds once again its stage.
In Spain there is a beach for every person, an Island for every character. Anyone can live them as they please. There is no set list of things needed, no “must haves” grid to follow. Even swimsuits are optional, as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin (and have a bit of sunscreen with you). But if you want to live the summer the Spanish way, live the day without too many fusses and changes, and walk a mile en la vida mediterranea, Espadrilles are the way to go.



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