South Korea: The land of the effervescent night

Goryeo, “high and clear”. South Korea’s name’s meaning has been described and romanticised in many ways. Percival Lowell coined one of the most famous English interpretations has been that of the “land of the morning calm”. It depicts the beautiful picture typical of the Eastern countries, of the powerful yet tranquil rising of the red sun. Although, South Korea’s spirit seems to lie more towards the midst of the effervescent night; the thriving and pulsing of the restless heart of youth.

Colour and Extravaganza

South Korea is a fast paced country that seems to be living in a time parallel to that of its western neighbours. It has morphed itself into a brand name that resonates unique, cool, and ever-changing vibes. Nothing is stagnant, and nothing is set in stone. From K-pop to K-drama, to the countless designers and shops that close at 4am. South Korea is surely known to the world as a country that lives its every moment to the fullest. The feel and colours of its popular culture are extravagant and at times amplified. A whirlwind of unapologetic and vibrant essence that sweeps in its frenzy even the most serious of characters.


Seoul by night

South Korea’s Fashion

The South Korean fashion scene grew exponentially in the past decades thanks to the incredible work ethic found in its industries mixed with the spectacular materials and textiles derived from its lands. Here at Flora we are fascinated by the design techniques and forms found in this striving fashion scene, by the conceptual ideas that are born through their most traditional routes.


We found some of these concepts in the beautiful SMK bags, for they managed to transfer an everyday and simple object – a typical paper bag given out at fruit shops – into a set of colourful and unique fashion accessories. What better way to immerse yourself in the Korean lifestyle than to bring a little piece of it around with you?
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