Where Rainbows Meet – Training and Development

The ‘Where Rainbows Meet’ foundation is a charity we are extremely passionate about. Fiore, who founded Flora, first came into contact with it in 2013, when she travelled to South Africa to spend two months volunteering and helping out where needed. She immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of kindness and positivity that exuded from the children, people, staff and fellow volunteers on site, and remembers that time as a beautiful and humbling lesson.
The greatest difference she found from her usual environment (Rome and London), was that the emphasis wasn’t so much fixated on the solving a problem instantly, but rather it was about learning how to amend it, how to turn it into a positive aspect, how to work together in order to better each and every life there, one step at a time, day by day.
Living in big metropolis is beautiful; the fast paced environment is thrilling, the opportunities seem endless and the variety of cultures and nationalities really is fascinating. However, living in big metropolis can also be extremely distancing. On the larger scale one is distanced from the rest of the world; for it almost seems that one is living in its most fervent centre. On a more personal scale, there seems to be a very clear disconnect between the actual people; a helping hand is often never asked for when truly needed, and at the same time, a helping hand is rarely given if not accompanied by a personal gain. This disconnect creates a sort of fragmented picture, where the image perceived rarely reflect a person’s or group’s real being.
Where Rainbows Meet marks this distancing quite clearly. The most vital and crucial aspect of all of Where Rainbows Meet’s work and ethos lies in one simple, and often overlooked word: Together.
Together, they encourage each other to take responsibilities for their own lives, their families and the situation in the community. Together, they address all stages of life, from childhood to parenting, youth development, life skills and training. Together they address programmes to enhance women’s income in the work place, and together they undertake their life’s journey.
We have recently sent over 100 shoes as a small aid, but mostly as a pledge of gratitude for their inspiring work and statement. We truly wish to encourage everyone to have a look at this non-profit organisation, to spread the word, donate, or why not, travel to South Africa and volunteer at their base in Vrygrond.CIMG7169








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