Working with the Wayuu Tribes

Colombia sits on the World’s belly: its essence is enriched by a multitude of characters and aromas, and its lands are enhanced by mountains, savannahs and amazonian rainforests alike. It is one of South America’s fiery countries, whose spirit and character resonate without fail through its every craft and produce.

Colombia is also the home to the Wayuu people, a Native American ethnic group that lives on the Venezuelan-Colombian border in the Guajira Peninsula. They survived the Spanish colonisations, and remain a tribe that lives true to its origins and customs. The Wayuu people speak Wayuunaiki, a part of the Arawak language predominant in different parts of the Caribbean.

One of the Wayuu tribe’s traditional crafts is the creation of colourful, woolen bags commonly known as the Mochila bags. The handwoven Mochilas are unique in colours and patterns, varied in size but not in form, and are recognised worldwide for their bright spirit and relaxed feel.

The Mochila bags truly are a beautiful emblem of the native tribe’s craft and character; a colourful banner spread across all borders and available for the World to see.