Our philosophy – Ethical Fashion

Flora Garments aims to give light and exposure to handcrafted products and to re-invent traditional items through the works of emerging and ethical designers. flora garments is a promoter of ethical fashion.

Flora’s seeds rest in an undying passion for travel.

While exploring different cultures we realised that the true gems we took home with us weren’t so much the places we visited, but rather the stories of the people we encountered. It is a rare and beautiful thing to be let in another person’s life, to be allowed a glimpse of a culture we don’t know, and to be taught its customs and its roots. Flora sets out to represent just that: a window overlooking the depths of a country that is not our own.

When establishing Flora we didn’t only want to create a bond between cultures, but rather wanted to create direct links between people. The tangible aspect of this lies in the traditional, hand made products we import from the various parts of the world. When visiting a country we set out to find local producers whose work is a testament to their culture, and whose stories resonate with us long after our journey has ended. A Flora garment is nothing more than thousands of threads of the world woven into one unique piece.