Indian Pashmina

The Indian Pashmina is our favourite Flora accessory. Handmade in Kashmir, India. The soft and incredibly warm cashmere is lightweight and delicate. This exclusive garment can be paired with any outfit, for any sort of occasion. The luxurious material makes it perfect for both the breezy summer nights and cold winter days. The Indian Pashmina is handwoven and embroidered by our local artisans using the finest techniques. Each Pashmina is unique and signed by the talented artisan. We select, every month, a variety of stoles for you, from the mono-coloured versions to more intricate and hand embroidered pieces. New colours and patterns are added on all year long, be sure to check them out! To find out more about the amazing Indian Pashmina go on and visit our Journal. Shop, Explore, Spread.  

Lets keep the traditions alive, together!

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